About Us

Centerpoint Music is a music services company. Our goal is the provide you with high quality music. Our two areas of primary focus are providing 1) live music for your next event, and 2) original compositions for television/Web advertisements, film, and theatre productions.

Centerpoint Music began as the financial arm of the Duane Carter Band. Back in 2007 Danyelle Dixon began working with Fito Kahn, CEO of ISMS Records, as a member of the the Duane Carter Band promotion team. She took over management of the Duane Carter Band in 2010, and subsequently Centerpoint Music.

Today Centerpoint Music is the music services division of Dreamsicle Promotions, Danyelle's branding and marketing firm. The division is designed to promote the music of the artists in its roster. This promotion includes all aspects of marketing, with a strong emphasis on Internet/social media marketing, as well as locating the best avenues for connecting the artists with their audience. Ms. Dixon consults with the artists throughout, developing their brand identity and shaping their market viability.